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Reducing the risks of work-related shoulder injuries

On Behalf of | May 3, 2023 | Workers' Compensation

There are many types of injuries that could affect one’s ability to carry out everyday tasks and leave a person facing a long road to recovery. Shoulder injuries remain a prevalent concern in many professions and similar health issues could even lead to long-term or chronic pain and suffering at times. Knowing the factors that might place one at risk of suffering similar workplace injuries could help individuals in North Carolina take steps to protect their well-being. 

Shoulder injury topics 

According to studies, tasks that require workers to perform repetitive motions remain a common cause of work-related shoulder injuries. Performing the same task over and over can place significant strain on this part of the body. Tasks that require workers to constantly twist or bend can also prompt similar results. Studies also suggest that performing job tasks in cold weather conditions may also lead to issues with inflammation and stiffness in the shoulders. 

Studies indicate that there might be various steps workers can take to help protect against such issues. Using proper techniques when lifting objects and practicing proper posture when performing job tasks are two examples of safety techniques that may help mitigate health risks. Taking frequent breaks may also be integral to staving off issues such as fatigue, which could help protect against unfavorable results. 

Dealing with a shoulder injury 

Unfortunately, there might not always be much one can do to keep workplace injuries from occurring. The fallout of a work-related accident could leave a person with severe injuries and prompt financial challenges that could have a lingering effect on one’s life. Those who remain uncertain how to protect their future interests after a workplace incident could find it helpful to speak with an attorney for advice in evaluating their situations and assistance in preparing to pursue the full amount of compensation available through the appropriate outlets.