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Advocating For Clients With Knee Injuries

Knee injuries can wreak serious havoc on our lives.  Even when they happen at work, they are not always covered through workers’ compensation because of unique laws that North Carolina has.

The Sumwalt Group Workers' Comp and Trial Lawyers has worked with clients throughout North Carolina and South Carolina for over 45 combined years to help them qualify for workers’ compensation coverage for knee injuries. If you have one and have questions about workers’ compensation, we are here to help.

Knee Injuries Stay With You

Unfortunately, knee injuries are common at work, and it does not matter what work you do.  Nurses, construction workers, truck drivers—and all the rest of us—can all slip and have their feet go out from under them, twisting a knee when it happens.

North Carolina law says that workers’ compensation only pays if an injury is by “accident.”  An “accident,” however, is not the injury itself.  It is an unusual or unexpected external event—like a slip, trip, or misstep—that causes an internal injury.  This definition is unique to North Carolina and keeps many injuries—particularly knee injuries—from being covered by our law that was meant to provide coverage for injuries at work.

This is important for knee injuries, because knee pain persists even after surgery and sometimes requires multiple surgeries.  Workers’ compensation coverage keeps you from paying out of pocket for this treatment. Ask us to see if we can help.

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