We Work For You.

All our clients come to us from word-of-mouth referrals.  That’s probably why you are here.  Follow us to find out why.

Getting a lawyer is something you never thought you would have to do. We understand.

Our court systems are not easy.  TV law is not real life.  Not the way things really work.

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We can help you navigate our justice system, to encourage the promise of our country’s founders that honest, hardworking people have a level playing field to right the wrongs done to them.  We help make the law make sense.  

We are honored you are looking at us.  Even if you are only doing your homework on the best fit for your case, we thank you for making a careful decision on who you choose to work for you. Feel free to ask questions.  Please do your homework on who fits you.  Our first calls are free and always confidential.  We will only jump in if and when you need a lawyer.  You might not.  We will shoot straight with you from day one. 

Cases We Handle

We’ve got to choose you as a client, if you choose us as your lawyer. We are selective in the cases we handle and focus on cases that bring about positive change, both for the people and for our communities, when it comes to safety.

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Meet Our Lawyers

A word of warning: Our sleeves are rolled up and we do not wear ties, except in court. What you see is what you get.