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Construction site fall causes injury to worker

On Behalf of | Apr 6, 2024 | Workers' Compensation

Generative AI, or artificial intelligence, is still in its early days. However, it has already driven value, boosted efficiency, reduced risk and enhanced safety across the construction industry in areas such as operations, delivery, engineering and planning. Here is a rundown on how AI could help construction field employers and their workers in North Carolina operate more safely in the coming years. 

The link between safety and AI 

Construction companies in the future may integrate AI with various devices to decrease accidents and make their job sites more secure. These devices may include smart sensors and machinery. Other devices that AI could work with include drones, wearables and cameras used at construction sites. 

Another way employers can make their workplaces safer is to leverage image analysis powered by AI. This analysis may help an employer confirm a construction worker’s ID aligns with the company’s racial recognition data, tightening access control. In addition, cameras powered by AI may help companies ensure that their staff have the right safety equipment. When smart sensors are combined with AI and computer vision, employers can additionally monitor workers’ movement, heavy equipment and materials, and workers may receive alerts about hazardous situations before injury-causing accidents occur. 

Hiring a workers’ compensation attorney 

No matter how careful an employer is, workers can still suffer on-the-job injuries due to sudden slips or falls, for example. For this reason, when an individual in North Carolina is hurt at work, he or she may want to contact a workers’ compensation attorney immediately. The attorney can guide the worker through the process of filing a claim for benefits, including gathering evidence such as medical records to support the claim. The attorney’s goal will be to maximize the amount of benefits his or her client receives given the circumstances surrounding the workplace injury.