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Third-Party Claims: What You Need To Know

Third-party claims present unique issues in workers’ compensation cases.  Third-party claims happen when you are hurt at work because of someone other than your employer’s fault.  Having an experienced lawyer on third-party claims is crucial.  The Sumwalt Group Workers' Comp and Trial Lawyers has worked on third-party claims throughout the United States while the underlying workers’ compensation claims are in North Carolina or South Carolina. We can analyze how the two types of claims connect with each other and help prepare the best strategy for the best recovery for you.

Isn’t My Company Responsible For My Injuries?

Employers are responsible for workers’ compensation benefits for injuries at work.  When someone other than your employer causes your injury, you might also have the right to bring a negligence claim against the at-fault party on top of the workers’ compensation claim against your employer.  For example, if a faulty machine injured you or your injury came from a subcontractor or a temporary worker breaking the safety rules, your remedy might not be limited to workers’ compensation.  You might also have a viable negligence claim against anyone causing your injury who is not your employer.

Workers’ compensation laws only provide for “economic” damages, which mainly come in the form of disability compensation and medical treatment for your injuries.  Workers’ compensation laws do not provide for “non-economic” damages that make up for the pain and inconvenience you must live with.  This is why looking for possibilities beyond the workers’ compensation laws—through third-party claims—can help.

The attorneys at The Sumwalt Group look for ways to reach beyond the limits of workers’ compensation to get the best recovery for you.  Third-party claims are difficult and sometimes go unnoticed, and there are quick time limits where your employer can file the third-party claim on your behalf if you wait too late, depriving you of a possible recovery.  Don’t let this happen.  Make sure to run your case past one of our attorneys so we can figure out your options.

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We will investigate potential third-party cases as quickly as possible.  Investigating them sometimes requires getting qualified experts to make sure there is potential responsibility outside of workers’ compensation.  Don’t wait too late if this has happened to you. Call our office in Charlotte to talk to us at 704-859-8584 today. Our conversation is free and confidential, and we will shoot straight with you. You can also fill out our contact form.