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Repetitive stress injuries are becoming more common as our workforce ages and our jobs wear us down. The Sumwalt Group Workers' Comp and Trial Lawyers has represented workers with repetitive stress injuries at work and occupational diseases throughout North Carolina and South Carolina for over 45 combined years. We can investigate your case, build medical evidence in support of it, and let you know if there is a chance of recovering workers’ compensation benefits for your medical condition.

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While most people think of workers’ compensation when it comes to “injuries,” it also compensates workers with occupational diseases, including overuse or repetitive motion injuries.  These come from work duties that damage our shoulders, elbows, and other joints over time, and they can limit your ability to earn a living.  Stress fractures, tendonitis, and bursitis are frequent diagnoses we see in our clients face, not to mention exposures to chemicals and other dangerous substances at work.

There are special time limits in which you can file occupational disease claims, and time is not on your side.  Make sure to check with a qualified attorney who knows what questions to ask and what to do to figure out if you have a valid workers’ compensation case.

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Our attorneys can put together an occupational disease claim as fast as possible, but delay does not help.  The longer you wait, the less time you might have to investigate and file a workers’ compensation claim. Acting quickly is key.  Call our office in Charlotte 704-859-8584to ask about your situation today. You can also fill out our contact form by clicking here to tell us about your situation.