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Link between substance use and worksite injuries

On Behalf of | Apr 25, 2024 | Workers' Compensation

Worksite accidents in North Carolina such as slips, falls and trips can cause traumatic brain injuries, broken bones and lost limbs. These types of accidents may happen due to mistakes that employers or employees make on the job. However, workers’ use of substances outside the workplace may also lead to these accidents, affecting their worksites’ safety overall.

Effect of substance use on job safety

Substance use may slow an individual’s decision-making abilities and reaction time at work. These effects may lead to dangerous situations in the workplace. This is particularly true if the individual using substances has been entrusted with his or her co-workers’ safety or operates heavy machinery.

Another problem with workers’ use of substances is that their physical and mental effects may cause workers to routinely miss work. If these workers are crucial to their workplaces’ safe functioning, their absence may make their team members more vulnerable to injury. Workers who do not feel well due to substance abuse but show up to the workplace anyhow pose a major safety risk, too, as their physical conditions may distract them from adhering to their employers’ safety protocols.

On-the-job injuries and workers’ compensation

An individual injured on the job in North Carolina has the right to file a workers’ compensation claim for benefits to cover medical bills and lost wages stemming from his or her on-the-job accident. However, if workers suffer injuries on the job due to being under the influence at the time of their accidents, their workers’ compensation claims may be denied. An attorney in North Carolina can guide injured workers through the claims process, helping them understand related state laws and their rights as they seek to maximize their benefits following workplace injuries.