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Shoulder, Neck, And Back Injuries Affect Everything

Shoulder, neck, and back injuries affect everything you do, from getting back to work in top notch shape or even the ability to play with your kids.  The Sumwalt Group Workers' Comp and Trial Lawyers understands these injuries inside and out.  We know what’s important.  For over 45 combined years, we have helped workers get compensated for their shoulder, neck, and back injuries in North Carolina and South Carolina to help them get back to work and to reclaim their lives.

Getting The Compensation You Deserve

Shoulder, neck, and back injuries make even the simplest tasks difficult.  Getting quick medical attention for these types of injuries is vital.

Workers’ compensation were designed to help the stress of work injuries on your ability to pay bills and get medical treatment. Workers’ compensation is supposed to fix you, as a broken worker, just like your employer would fix a broken machine needed for production.  We want you to be as productive as you can, both at work and at home, and getting fair and adequately compensated according to our law is our job.

We will do everything we can to help you obtain the workers’ compensation benefits that our law allows for shoulder, neck, and back injuries. Our goals are to help you get back to work, for you to make ends meet while you are out of work, and to help you get back to living as soon as possible. Getting your health back on track is the way to do this, and quality care will avoid more serious consequences down the road.

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