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Advocating For Those Who Have Been Injured At Work

When you deal with unsafe work conditions, injuries are not uncommon. The Sumwalt Group works with clients throughout North Carolina and South Carolina who have been hurt at work. We can help you understand your rights throughout a workers’ compensation claim and fight for the benefits the law promises you.

Over 45 Years of Total Experience In The Legal System

Workers’ compensation claims are never easy. Corporations and insurance companies have lawyers at their fingertips and on call that look for ways to save them money. At The Sumwalt Group, we believe the right to work and to earn an honest living is what makes everyone who they are.

When a machine breaks at work, companies either fix it or replace it.  When injuries break people at work, our workers’ compensation law requires employers to compensate them fairly so they can get back to work or, if not, reach the next step in their lives so they can move forward.

For over 45 combined years, we have helped workers and other injured people through their uncertainty. We will evaluate your case, make a mutual decision on whether it is one we can help in, and gather the evidence needed to make the best case for you. We have experience in the following areas:

Our first goal is getting you back to work to provide for yourself and your family. We understand your bills don’t stop when your paychecks have.  Our attorneys can take care of your legal issues so you can focus on your recovery. No matter if your claim is admitted, under investigation, or denied.

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