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Falling objects remain a safety concern in many work environments

On Behalf of | May 3, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

It might not be uncommon for many work environments in North Carolina and elsewhere to store items on shelves or areas that rest above areas of operation. The risk of falling objects could be present in most workplaces, and even an object that falls from a lesser distance could create a dangerous scenario. Knowing some factors that might increase the risks of workplace accidents involving falling objects may help stem the tide of such incidents and protect the well-being of workers. 

The risks 

While it might not be uncommon for objects and materials in a workplace to fall from above if they are not properly tied down, there may also be additional factors that could increase the risks of such issues. Adverse weather conditions such as rain and high winds could also cause objects to slide or shift closer to an edge and tip over. In environments involving the presence of constant vibration, there may also be greater risk that an object might continue to shake until it becomes dislodged and falls to the ground. 

Experts indicate that objects placed in areas with poorly designed or uneven surfaces may also be more susceptible to falling from heights. Failure to adhere to weight limits on surfaces or machines such as lifts could also lead to greater risk of similar outcomes. Regardless of how it occurs, an object that falls and hits a worker runs the unfortunate risk of leaving that person with severe or permanent injuries. 

Workplace injuries 

Individuals in North Carolina who suffer serious injuries in workplace accidents involving falling objects may facing various challenges, physical and financial alike. With the costs of medical care and possibility of a loss of wages during recovery, the monetary repercussions might leave a person in a significant financial bind. Following a similar incident, a person could choose to consult with an attorney for advice on all his or her available options for compensation and assistance in preparing to navigate every stage of the process.