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Excavator accident causes construction worker injury

On Behalf of | Sep 9, 2023 | Workers' Compensation

Excavator worksite accidents occur for multiple reasons, including hazardous worksite conditions and defective equipment. In North Carolina and across the country, these types of construction accidents often result in severe injuries and even death. According to recent reports, an excavator operator tearing down a building suffered severe injuries after the building partially collapsed. 

Events leading up to the construction site accident 

The recent construction accident took place on a Wednesday at about 11:45 a.m.  Police reported that the excavator operator was pinned in his equipment after the building collapsed on the excavator, covering it with debris. The collapse caused the man to suffer arm, chest and head injuries. 

Reports indicate that the man fell unconscious when the building debris trapped him. However, he was apparently alert when two teams of rescuers worked to stabilize him and extricate him from the machine. First responders took him to a local hospital after freeing him. 

Consulting a workers’ compensation attorney 

Dealing with the monetary and physical consequences of a worksite accident can seem as harrowing as experiencing the accident itself. This is why North Carolina workers who are hurt at work usually benefit from consulting with an attorney right away. A workers’ compensation attorney can help an injured construction worker pursue the full amount of workers’ compensation benefits to which he or she is entitled. These financial benefits may be used to cover accident-related medical expenses and wages lost during recovery. Benefits might also help cover job training for an alternative job if the worker is no longer able to perform his or her previous role.