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Workplace injuries in the supply chain

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

Almost everyone in North Carolina relies on a strong, robust supply chain. The men and women who work along all stages of the supply chain help keep shelves stocked and packages arriving as expected. While they play a pivotal role, some employers do not fully value their safety. Workplace injuries are a serious problem among supply chain workers. 

A critically high injury rate 

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, transportation and shipping workers have the second highest number of work injuries that require time off work. Injuries that require time off work are often severe, and cause workers to miss out on income while potentially racking up medical bills. However, OSHA believes that employers can take steps to improve supply chain worker safety. 

One of the first steps is for employers to collect more data. Using increased data collection practices combined with artificial intelligence algorithms, employers could more easily identify areas that need improvement. Another step is to distance workers from known hazards. Robots can help preserve worker safety by automating dangerous tasks like: 

  • Lifting heavy items 
  • Retrieving items from tall shelves 
  • Moving materials 

Workplace injuries are often life-altering. Victims who need to take time off work to recover risk suffering financial damages in addition to their physical injuries, which can then take a toll on their mental health. While it might feel like there is no easy solution to this problem, the North Carolina workers’ compensation system provides temporary benefits to injured workers who are unable to return to work.