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Construction site fall leads to worker injury

On Behalf of | Feb 4, 2024 | Workers' Compensation

Fall-related accidents can easily happen on construction work sites in North Carolina if safety measures are not taken, such as the use of harnesses. These accidents often cause severe injuries, including internal damage, bone fractures and partial or full paralysis. A fall-related accident at a construction site in another state recently caused a worker to suffer injuries. 

How the construction site accident happened 

The recent accident took place a little before 9:30 a.m. on a Wednesday. According to authorities, a construction worker fell and landed in a trench near a bridge. First responders arrived at the scene to remove him from the trench, which was 10 feet deep. Nearby roads were closed briefly as rescuers arrived to help the trapped worker. 

The man suffered injuries in the fall and was therefore taken a to a medical center. He arrived at the hospital around 40 minutes after the rescue call. His medical condition was not immediately available following the rescue effort. 

Why hire a workers’ compensation attorney? 

If a construction worker is injured at his or her worksite in North Carolina, the individual has every right to contact a workers’ compensation attorney. The attorney can assist the individual in filing a workers’ compensation claim and submitting evidence to support the claim, such as health care records showing the nature and extent of the worker’s injuries. The attorney will strive to maximize the client’s benefit amount and ensure that his or her rights and best interests are protected during each phase of the claims process.