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Tips for staying safe on a construction site

On Behalf of | Dec 21, 2023 | Workers' Compensation

Reportedly, 20% of all workplace deaths in the United States in 2001 occurred in the construction field. Construction worker injuries in North Carolina and other states can also negatively affect workers and lead to costly project delays. Fortunately, workers can take steps to keep themselves safe. Here are a couple of ways to prevent injuries on the job. 

How to stay safe on a construction site 

One of the best ways for construction workers to protect themselves is to wear personal protective equipment (PPE). Employees should ideally wear hard hats and wear sturdy footwear. Those who work at heights would also be wise to wear harnesses since they may fall or slip. 

Construction workers can further keep themselves safe by undergoing quality safety training. This may include watching up-to-date construction safety videos. Training may minimize risk and give a worker confidence to complete tasks safely. 

How a workers’ compensation attorney may help 

Sometimes construction workers are injured on the job even when they take precautions to stay safe. In this situation, it would be wise for an injured worker to consult a workers’ compensation attorney right away. An attorney in North Carolina can help a hurt worker file a workers’ compensation claim to receive benefits that will cover his or her related medical costs and lost wages. The attorney can also communicate with the employer’s workers’ compensation insurance company on the worker’s behalf. The attorney’s goal will be to ensure that the client receives all the benefits to which he or she is entitled given the client’s injuries.