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How workers’ compensation works

On Behalf of | Nov 12, 2023 | Workers' Compensation

Workers’ comp insurance offers medical care and financial benefits for employees who become sick or are injured on the job. It is designed to enable employees to cover their expenses when they are not working due to job-related injuries or illnesses, but there are exclusions. Here is a look at how workers’ compensation works in North Carolina. 

The ins and outs of workers’ comp 

Workers’ comp benefits may help a worker injured on the job cover related expenses such as ongoing care costs, medical expenses and lost wages. Exclusions include employees who intentionally harm themselves and those who cause accidents due to being inebriated at work. In addition, employees do not receive workers’ compensation benefits if they are injured or become sick outside of the workplace. 

Employers pay workers’ comp premiums for their employees. They are required to take out policies to cover their workers’ expenses in most states. However, there are exemptions for specific types of business entities and employees. Independent contractors, the members of limited liability companies, partners and sole proprietors do not have to carry workers’ comp insurance. 

How a workers’ compensation attorney may help 

Suffering an injury on the job can be overwhelming physically, mentally, emotionally and financially. However, a workers’ compensation attorney in North Carolina can help a worker injured on the job file a claim for benefits to cover his or her related losses. The attorney can also help a worker file an appeal if the worker’s employer denies his or her workers’ compensation claim. The attorney will ensure that his or her client’s rights are protected while pursuing the full amount of benefits available to the client in light of his or her injuries.