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The consequences of serious factory injuries

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2023 | Workers' Compensation

The rate of worker injuries nationwide can be documented not by hours or minutes but by seconds. Employees within the industrial sector in North Carolina and throughout the nation are seemingly at risk the moment after they punch a time clock to start their day.

Admittedly, most work-related injuries are minor and require minimal medical assistance. However, the rate of workplace accidents compared to the current safety standards should send a strong message to employers, particularly those who oversee factory work.

Slips and falls

Falls in industrial settings are common and potentially dangerous. The organized chaos of factory work requires workers to move quickly. Add to that certain liquids in manufacturing, and you have the perfect storm of serious injuries ranging from breaking a bone to suffering a traumatic brain injury. Employers who fall short in their safety protocols can create dangerous work settings.

Lifting heavy objects

Factory work requires employees to stay on their feet to lift multiple heavy objects over the course of an entire workday. That level of overexertion is anything but a minor problem, particularly when back and neck injuries occur that sideline hard-working staff members.

Industrial machine risks

Industrial machines require employees to be attentive to their surroundings and employers to post warning signs. The constant motion of gears and conveyor belts involves focus. The slightest distraction could result in a limb entangled in the equipment, with outcomes ranging from dislocations to loss of a limb. Other potential injuries include burns and concussions.

Chemical exposure

The manufacturing process often uses harmful materials that could lead to chemical spills that can result in burns and respiratory problems. Even having cutting-edge safety gear may not be able to prevent exposure. Many factory workers have been left with a wide array of bodily damage, including deafness, blindness, and asbestos exposure.

An accident’s aftermath

Following an accident, Injured workers are left with soaring medical expenses, the possibility of lost wages, and present and future pain and suffering. Help from a lawyer experienced in this area of personal injury law can bring certainty to an uncertain future.