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Prevalent examples of safety hazards in construction

On Behalf of | May 17, 2023 | Workers' Compensation

Identifying some of the most prevalent types of safety hazards in the construction industry could prove integral to taking steps to mitigate incident risks. Unfortunately, construction accidents continue to occur at an alarming rate and the outcome of these incidents can take a devastating toll on the lives of those involved. While addressing some of the most common causes of such incidents could help workers in North Carolina take steps to protect their well-being, it could also be beneficial to know where to turn should the unimaginable take place. 

Safety risks 

Fall-related incidents remain a leading cause of injury in the construction industry, whether this involves falls from heights or slip, trip, and fall accidents. Studies also indicate that struck-by incidents are also a prevalent safety concern in this profession. Workers who are hit by falling objects or by heavy-duty machines could be at risk of suffering severe or permanent injuries in the process. 

Machine entanglement is another issue that continues to play a role in many construction accidents. Studies indicate that construction workers may also be at greater risk of suffering harm when working with or around active power lines and cables and electrocution and shock injuries could carry dire health ramifications. Exposure to vibration and noise and exposure to hazardous substances and extreme temperatures are a few more examples of prevalent safety hazards in construction. 

After a construction accident 

Those who suffer severe or life-altering injuries in construction accidents may have understandable concerns about how the outcome of the incident might affect their lives. Following the accident, a person in North Carolina might benefit from retaining the services of an attorney for advice on the available options to help protect his or her financial future. An attorney can help a client prepare to navigate every step of the workers’ compensation insurance system and provide him or her with insight on any other outlets for aid that might be applicable to the situation.