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Preparing to appeal a denial of workers’ compensation benefits

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2023 | Workers' Compensation

The outcome of a work-related accident could affect a person’s life in various ways and dealing with the fallout thereof can be stressful enough on its own. However, things may become even more daunting should one’s application for workers’ compensation benefits result in denial. Knowing some factors to address when preparing to appeal a denial for workers’ compensation benefits could help individuals in North Carolina who face such issues prepare to safeguard their future interests. 

There might be few things as stressful as receiving notification that a claim for workers’ comp benefits was denied and some things to consider when preparing to appeal this decision may include: 

  • Knowing the reasons:  Understanding why an initial claim for workers’ compensation benefits may play an integral role in preparing to appeal the decision via the proper channels. 
  • Common disputes:  In some cases, a denial could also stem from disputes from employers about whether the incident was work-related or resulted from unlawful behavior and addressing such factors might be imperative. 
  • Time constraints:  Knowing the time limit for appealing a denial may also be vital, as allowing this date to pass before acting could prompt an unfavorable result. 

Those who face a similar situation may also benefit from seeking advice on the steps involved with appealing a denied claim and on ways to help improve their chances of approval during the appeals process. 

 With so much at stake, individuals who wish to appeal a denial for workers’ compensation benefits might benefit from consulting with an attorney prior to initiating the process. An attorney can help a client understand why the initial application may have resulted in denial and provide insight on how best to approach the appeals process. This type of advice may help a person better prepare to take every possible measure to protect his or her future interests when facing similar hardships in life.