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Promoting safety by improving workplace ergonomics

On Behalf of | Nov 28, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

There may be a variety of essential factors to consider when attempting to improve safety in a work environment. One topic that many companies in North Carolina might seek to address could pertain to how the position workers operate in could affect their well-being, as awkward positions and repetitive motions may only lead to a greater risk of workplace injuries. Studies suggest that finding ways to improve workplace ergonomics could help stave off workplace injuries and help promote a healthier work environment. 

Ergonomic improvements 

Studies indicate that improvements in work ergonomics can be beneficial in various job tasks. Evaluating workstations to identify potential concerns could help provide insight into ways to keep workers from operating in awkward positions with poor posture. Implementing ergonomic improvements for workers who lift or transport heavy materials and providing sufficient training on proper procedures could also be essential to stave off a variety of severe health risks. 

Ergonomic improvements may also be necessary when workers perform tasks that require them to twist or bend over constantly, as this can place significant strain on one’s body over time. Providing adjustable workstations could also help prevent workers from maintaining the same position for hours on end and studies indicate that changes in stance and posture could help limit repetitive injuries. Implementing measures to prevent the need to reach for and lift high objects may also help reduce the risks of overextension injuries. 

Severe injuries 

There are various types of workplace injuries that can build up over time, some of which could carry severe or even life-altering repercussions. Individuals in New Jersey who suffer serious harm while performing job-related tasks may face the possibility of losing income during a lengthy recovery period and they might not know where to turn for advice in protecting their financial interests. Fortunately, there are attorneys who can evaluate a person’s situation and assist in preparing to seek aid via the workers’ compensation insurance system, as well as any other outlet that may be applicable.