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1 injured in fall-related construction accident

On Behalf of | Jul 25, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

Fall-related incidents continue to be a common concern in many fields of employment, and the outcome of such incidents could take a dire toll on numerous aspects of one’s life. Workers in North Carolina who suffer harm in a fall might be left facing lengthy recovery periods and a loss of wages while off work may only act to add to the stress of one’s situation. Reports indicate that a man in another state was rushed to a medical facility after suffering injuries during a recent fall-related construction accident. 

Reports of a fall 

According to reports, the accident took place on a recent Wednesday morning as a man was performing job-related duties at a construction site. Reports indicate that he fell from the upper floor of the building and crashed into a section of scaffolding. Upon arriving at the scene, emergency responders say they worked to rescue the man from under the scaffolding with the help of a crane and rushed him to a nearby hospital for medical care. 

While officials have advised that the incident is currently under investigation, it remains unclear as to what might have caused him to fall from the upper floor of the building. Falls from even a lesser height can pose a significant threat to one’s health and the outcome could prove even more severe when one crashes into metal objects before hitting the ground. The fallout of such an incident may cause a person to suffer severe harm and it could take substantial time before one is even able to return to work after a similar incident. 

Financial challenges 

Along with any physical pain and suffering that may accompany a fall-related construction accident, such a scenario could also leave a person facing significant financial hurdles. The costs of medical care and missing out on wages during recovery are just two examples of issues that could pose a threat to one’s monetary well-being. Those who suffer injuries in a work-related accident and wish to know more about their available options for aid might find it helpful to speak with an attorney in North Carolina for guidance on their options and the next steps to take to seek the full amount of compensation available.