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What are some common safety risks for restaurant workers?

On Behalf of | Jun 12, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

There are a multitude of individuals who operate in the service industry, many of whom might spend their time waiting tables or cooking food at restaurants. While service might seem like the primary concern in this profession, safety is also a vital topic, as workplace accidents remain unfortunately common in similar fields. Individuals in North Carolina who work in the restaurant industry might find it helpful to know some of the most prevalent causes of workplace accidents, as this could help them better prepare to promote a safer workplace environment. 

Accident causes 

Although accidents in the service industry can take place under various scenarios, some types of safety risks might prove more prevalent than others. One common cause of incidents in restaurants pertains to slip-and-fall hazards such as liquid or grease spills that lead to slippery surfaces. While adequate shoe tread and slip-resistant mats can help reduce some fall-related risks, proper cleaning techniques and signs to mark hazards may also be necessary components to mitigating similar hazards. 

Studies indicate that restaurant workers may also be at risk of suffering cuts and lacerations while on the job, especially when handling objects to help cut or slice products. Working around hot ovens and pots of boiling water could also increase one’s risks of suffering severe burns. Studies also suggest that some restaurant workers may also be at risk of suffering harm due to exposure to hazardous substances such as cleaning chemicals. 

Accident outcomes 

Workplace accidents that occur in restaurants could pose a significant threat to one’s health and injuries stemming from such an incident might leave a person facing a long road to recovery. Following such an incident, individuals in North Carolina who face dire financial challenges stemming from medical bills and a loss of wages during time off work might choose to speak with an attorney for insight in navigating the workers’ compensation insurance process. An attorney can help a client navigate every step of this process and provide insight on any other forms of compensation that might be applicable to his or her situation.