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A look at the most common types of work injuries

On Behalf of | Nov 19, 2021 | Workers' Compensation

There is seemingly no end to the different types of jobs one can get in North Carolina. From construction jobs to desk jobs and everything in between, there is an opportunity for a fulfilling career for most people. Despite the wide array of job types, the same types of work injuries can be found across most of these industries.

The 5 types of common work injuries

Every workplace has the potential for serious and even life-threatening accidents. Sometimes this potential is because of an employer’s negligence or lack of attention to safety. Other times these accidents are simply that, and are unfortunately unavoidable. The most common types of accident and injuries are:

  • Slip, trip and fall injuries
  • Motor vehicle accident injuries
  • Fire and explosion injuries
  • Overexertion and repetitive stress injuries
  • Machinery injuries

The sad reality is that no worker is truly safe from these types of accidents and injuries. An office worker may be just as likely to slip and fall on loose carpeting as a construction worker is to fall because of uneven or cluttered walkways. Similarly, overexertion is a widespread problem for workers of all ages and backgrounds, as all it takes is for someone to put forth more effort than his or her body is capable of.

Work injuries can easily derail someone’s personal and professional life. Those who have to take time off work for injuries not only lose out on essential income, but also have to deal with related medical bills and missed professional opportunities. While dealing with these issues is not easy, many find that securing benefits through North Carolina’s workers’ compensation system can help address the financial side of their injuries.