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Watch out for road construction injuries

On Behalf of | Aug 21, 2021 | Workers' Compensation

Most people in North Carolina rely on a car or some type of motor vehicle to do things like get to and from work, drop their children off at school or run errands. However, drivers often take for granted what all goes into making roads drivable in the first place. Many drivers even get annoyed when there is road construction, and their reckless behavior can lead to serious construction injuries. 

Road work is dangerous 

Driving in a construction zone is dangerous, but it is even more dangerous to work in one. In fact, roadway construction zones are one of the most dangerous places to work. The Department of Transportation reports that 27,037 people were killed in work zone crashes between 1982 and 2017, many of whom were workers. There are a few reasons road construction is so dangerous, including: 

  • Distracted drivers 
  • Changes to road condition 
  • Dangerous work conditions 

Distracted drivers are especially problematic. Most road work zones post plenty of signage to indicate things like changes in speed limits and other important information. When drivers ignore signs, do not reduce their speed and fail to really pay attention to the road at hand, then they are putting construction workers’ safety and lives at risk. 

Construction injuries can have a lasting impact on victims’ lives. Some may struggle to make ends meet while they work on their recoveries, while others might never be able to return to work again. Having the right financial support can be crucial during this difficult period of time, and in North Carolina that help is often available through the workers’ compensation system.