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Do you understand how workers’ compensation works?

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2020 | Uncategorized

If you suffered an injury at work, it could affect more than just your income. In addition to needing time off, you may need medical support and help getting back to work. Your recovery can be lengthy and costly, and it can be difficult to manage these expenses on your own. This is why most North Carolina employers offer workers’ compensation insurance.

Through your claim, you may be able to get a portion of your lost wages back, as well as the medical support you need to feel better and get back to work. It is in your interests to know what workers’ compensation covers and what you can expect from the process. You will also find it beneficial to know what to expect from your employer and how to protect your rights after a workplace accident.

What’s covered?

Workers’ compensation generally covers injuries that happen while on the job. It can also cover injuries suffered in accidents related to work, such as an accident that happened while driving for a work requirement. Additionally, these benefits could be available to individuals who become ill as a result of toxic exposure in the workplace. Workers’ comp typically covers the following:

  • A portion of lost income
  • Medical expenses
  • Retraining costs
  • Compensation for permanent injuries suffered
  • Benefits for survivors if the injured worker dies

Insurance companies are most concerned with their bottom lines. This means you may have to fight to maximize your claim and get the full amount of financial support you need to get better and eventually return to work.

What else should you know?

If you decide to seek workers’ compensation benefits, you are relinquishing the ability to pursue a civil claim against your employer because of your accident. However, there are times when a third-party claim may be appropriate. An employer cannot fire you for filing a workers’ compensation claim or retaliate against you for seeking benefits.

Where should you start?

If you are hurt after a work accident, you may want to start the workers’ compensation claims process. Before you submit paperwork or move forward, you may find it helpful to discuss your case and the potential legal options available to you with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney. This will provide you with an understanding of what to expect and how you can fight to maximize your claim.